How to Upgrade your Staycation

How to Upgrade your Staycation

Let’s lay it bare, the idea of a staycation isn’t everyone’s first choice but, as 2020 is now officially dubbed “the year of staycations", there’s no time to waste on far-flung wanderlust.

Let’s lay it bare, the idea of a staycation isn’t everyone’s first choice but, as 2020 is now officially dubbed “the year of staycations", there’s no time to waste on far-flung wanderlust.

Firstly, what is a staycation ?

A staycation is simply a holiday in your own country, giving you a chill break away from juggling working from home with family life. Staycations can be easier for you to organise, and give you that blissful sense of freedom – even if its just for a weekend. There’s less travel time and no time wasted in airports, ports, or on long flights and ferries. Your staycation may even be an in-home staycation if you’re still in lockdown.

Some more benefits to a staycation you may not have thought of

A local adventure is a great way for you to appreciate how many opportunities there are just down the road – or even in your own back yard with some Mude Play fuelled creativity! We find that, so often, we take familiar beautiful places for granted that can often be on international travelers’ bucket lists. Plenty of us live in or near places that visitors plan for weeks or months, and travel thousands of kilometres to – pretty insane when you think of it isn’t it?

Take our own picturesque county for example.

As The Naked Collective is an Irish born brand based in Co. Kildare, there are so many extraordinary places for us to have a Mude Play fuelled adventure to or a Mude Chill day. Our little county has an abundance of castles and forestry that bring it to life. And its also the home of equine activity in Ireland, so there’s always a friendly pony to say hello to along the way!

Plan as if you are going on a foreign trip

Just like a real vacation, you can plan ahead for your staycation, even if it’s just for a weekend. Some of the best fun is discovering the awesome places for you take control of your next adventure! Put some time aside for planning, even if it’s just for an afternoon: sit down at your laptop with a chilled Mude Work and get into the zone to plan the ultimate getaway. You may even just be searching your favourite thrift stores for some essentials to add to your next back yard campout.


Get outside! Go for a hike, or dust off those bikes and head for an afternoon cycle. You can even lay down some blankets in your backyard or string up those home-made hammocks, play your favourite Spotify playlist and spend your time outdoors. Put the world on hold, no working allowed, close the laptop put the phone on silent, grab your favourite Mude or So.Beer – and enjoy.


Have that no compromise picnic, pack up your favourite treats,  throw your favourite picnic blanket down in your local park, or even in your own backyard, and enjoy a refreshing long brunch or lunch.


Catch a sunset or go stargazing, there’s bound to be a hidden gem to watch the most beautiful sunset or have a picture perfect view of the stars close to your home. You can even add some atmosphere with some outdoor solar lights.


Don’t have a backyard? Bring the outdoors indoors.! There are even now webcams in many of the world’s most stunning national parks so you can immerse yourself in a virtual outdoor experience straight from your couch.

The only limit, is your imagination!

For those who want to make no plans and just simply chill

Of course, it’s also OK to have absolutely no plan at all. There are lots of different staycation ideas and websites to browse but you don’t need to make an itinerary if it’s not your thing – its all about having a positive attitude and doing the best with what you have. The only thing that’s essential is a positive mindset.


But do be mindful of your mental health – if you plan on having no plans, you may end up spending too much of your day engrossed in the news around the world. And right now, too much of that is not a good thing.


Hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration for your staycation, motivating you to do things you love and discover new exciting experiences.


Everyone from The Naked Collective wishes you peace of mind during this challenging time around the world. We hope you find some chill time at home, and that you get to go on your most awesome adventure – whenever that might be.

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