About us

Baring it all?

That’s what we do.

From our ingredients to our process, we’re committed to showing you what goes into every drink The Naked Collective makes.

Our Brews

Beyond brews that taste good and make you feel good, we want them to do good, too, which is why our health-boosting beverages are made with sustainability at the forefront.

To us, it’s more than another buzzword; it’s our brand identity. If we treat people, our products and the environment with respect, that’s the real mark of success. So, we work hand-in-hand with only the very best in the brewing business; suppliers and individuals who, like us, are all about naked transparency. Of course.

Better Botanicals

Your daily vitamin hit is sourced from companies big and small, including Soil Association-approved Rutland Biodynamics Ltd. The family-owned business grows organic botanicals across their own farms, which then fuel your drinks – and your body – with insanely refreshing flavours and natural energy. We don’t believe in nasties or nonsense ingredients, so we guarantee every vitamin and mineral you sip is offering some major benefits.

Future Brews

Collaborating with Larkins in Wicklow – a small, homegrown brewery set up in 2016 – means each drink is made and packed by hand using our clean recipes and processes. We also work closely with them to invest in research and development locally. In fact, we’ve just bought a baby brewery, where we can put our next-gen formulas and flavours through their paces… Watch this space.

Responsible Retail

If it can’t be made responsibly, it can’t be made at all. Our collective is eco-conscious, and that feeds into everything, from sourcing ingredients to packaging and delivery. All of our boxes and cans are either compostable or recyclable, and we make locally to deliver locally, so your drinks never have far to travel. We’re also working with Gold Standard Projects to offset our emissions, reducing the carbon footprint of every single drink we brew.

The Science

Wondering what goes into our drinks to make them so healthy? It comes down to the cutting-edge combination of our Isotonic SuperLiquid and the ImmunoBoost technology.

The Isotonic SuperLiquid

This supercharged elixir is loaded with polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, which are bound to the liquid for fast absorption into your bloodstream. From energising B vitamins to immune system-supporting selenium, each ingredient has a mental and physical effect in 5-20 minutes.

ImmunoBoost Technology

Found in every drink by The Naked Collective, ImmunoBoost takes the Isotonic SuperLiquid and turbocharges it with Beta Glucan; a molecule linked to a stronger immune system. We gently extract it from Baker’s Yeast, then the SuperLiquid acts as a speedy delivery system to get it into your bloodstream. Once there, it singles out threats and destroys them – the ultimate wellness warrior – so you can keep fighting fit, while taking a moment to sip and enjoy.

Our story

Let’s throw it back to 2011. One of our founders, Niall, was touring a brewhouse when he heard something that completely changed the way he looked at beer. It was the revelation that, at a point in the brewing process for traditional beer, the liquid is actually packed full of complex vitamins and minerals that enhance your health.

It’s not often you hear a beer can be good for you, so this played on Niall’s mind for years. Until – fast forward to 2019 – he was speaking with our other founder, Catherina, about starting a drinks business.


Then… lightbulb moment; Niall remembered the brewhouse and its health-boosting, vitamin-packed brews. Within 24 hours, the ideas for Mude and So.Beer were sketched, with Trainr not far behind.


They made the decision right there to set up the type of business they had come to believe in. One with a deep commitment to do no harm, and to make a difference in people’s lives – no matter how small.


And, so, The Naked Collective was born – brands and all – to bring you brews with major benefits to your health and the planet… and some seriously refreshing flavours, too.

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