Mude Work - With a hint of Apple 12 x 330ml

Mude Work

12 Pack

Take control of your ambition with Mude Work functional drink, designed to power you through the mid-afternoon slump, so you can bring your A-game every day.

Why you'll love it

Fuelled by Ashwagandha plant and Yeast Protein with essential amino acids to help improve your focus and mental clarity
Proven to benefit your mental clarity, physical and immune health, energy levels and combat the effects of stress.
Contains our exclusive ImmunoBoost blend, featuring complex B vitamins, polyphenols and minerals.
Low in calories, low in sugar and vegan-friendly with a refreshing hint of apple flavour. Psst… it’s also carbon neutral.
Ingredients: Barley, Wheat(Gluten), Oats, Hops, Natural Fruit Flavour, Beta Glucan, Yeast Protein and Ashwagandha.

We put it to the test...

.. and 50 clinical studies on the ingredients in these drinks found they're proven to improve general immune health, maintain overall physical health and enhance energy levels.

Plus, 9 in 10 people said they found our drinks refreshing.


Noah 22
Gave me a spark of energy!
The apple is really refreshing & tastes so fresh, it gave me a spark of energy & focus & helped me study for an exam!

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